Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Here Goes...

Hi dear family and loved ones,

I'm making a sincere attempt at keeping a family blog so that we can share our lives more consistently, more fully, and hopefully more often with you.

I'm not sure exactly what I can put in here that will be so engaging to have you want to return often, except, well, pictures, videos, and fun updates on our sweet Ewan and darling Elise and maybe a little bit here and there about Lee and I and our happy little family.

We're living an award-worthy life, as a new acquaintance informed me today, as the four of us still live in the same cozy 1 bedroom apartment that Lee enjoyed as a carefree bachelor five years ago, or was that six? Anyway, I'm looking forward to my award, but we are Ikea fans who believe that you don't have to have a lot of space, you just have to be smart with it. Lee has convinced me of many things: starting with the idea that I wouldn't regret marrying a near stranger, to the superiority of all things Apple, and the workability of a 1 bedroom apartment for 2, uh, 3, oh, I mean 4. Haha!

The ironic part is that now I'm the one coming up with all the fun ideas of how to maximize our space, productivity and fun in our happy little home.
We continue to cook in Ewan's bedroom, and Elise sleeps in one of the closet spaces in our bedroom. We could seriously make a reality show out of all this. :)

Okay, so Halloween is coming up and Ewan and Elise have their costumes all ready: a shark, and a sweet strawberry, respectively. Lee and I are still in the brainstorming mode. Any fun ideas? I'm on the Stake Primary Presidency so I'm basically throwing a huge Halloween Trunk or Treat party this year (we had less than a month's notice). It's going to be awesome!!!

Alright, I'm realizing I'm going to be treating this more like a family journal. Feel free to skip all the boring text and head straight to the pics!

Love to each one of you!
Love, The Hambly Fambly
(Lee, Zee, Ewan & Elise)

Photo shoot a while back when Tutu was in town. (I can't find our family one so when lee gets home I'll see if he knows where it is.)

At the park October 14, 2011

Ewan climbed the entire thing by himself!

Elise getting a kick out of seeing herself on the iPhone.

Who said 2nd babies don't get as many pictures taken of them?!
More to come...


  1. i applaud you and your family for living in such a small space. I lived quite a while in a 5th wheel with my parents, and my baby boy ( at the time). It was a one bedroom (the size of a closet), 1 bathroom, ( the size of your body), and a living/kitchen area the size of another closet..hah. ( oh, and my son and i shared a twin bed). it was challenging at times, but honestly, it made us closer. we all shared a couch to watch our Turner Classic Movies at night.
    It was a fond memory, and we did it! Oh, and yes, we all still talk to each other! ha.
    anyways, i am so glad that you have started a blog!!
    ps, i read every word before i looked at all of your adorable pics!

  2. Zee, it is so fun to see your sweet children! I don't feel so bad now having my 3 boys in one bedroom - at least they have their own! We are also on the same page with space optimization. Nathaniel has done HUGE amounts of remodel work to our little townhouse and it feels much more livable than when we moved in. Of course, we did have to live through that remodel.... that's another story. I've got lots to tell - glad to find you one fb. :)

    Welcome to blogging. Rule #1 is - try not to be discouraged when post after post receives 0 comments. Send it by email to the people you want to see your cute kids but are internet impaired.

  3. I am so glad that you decided to do this! It is such a fun way to stay in touch with friends. You won't regret it - we print our blog every two years to keep kind of a family history, and the kids love to look through the books!